Recipe For Weight Loss

Many people who are about and wondering how to lose a significant amount of excess weight, do not know where to start and how to motivate themselves.

Sometimes the presence of too much information can not filter out the most necessary and sometimes not dare to cross the zone of comfort. However there are some basic steps that would help everyone.

losing weight recipe

At first glance the overthrow of weight seems so easy – we know that to achieve it, absorbed calories from food should be less than spent.

But actually it turns out that this may not be an easy task, especially if you do not know where to start and what are the most important steps to take.

Moreover if you want to decrease with 30, 40, 50 and more weight. Only someone who has been down this road knows that it is not enough to follow the diet and movement. It takes a lot of work and thoughts, attitudes, emotions.

It is easy to lose 3kgs, which are the problem to look in the best shape, you want to be, but it is hard to lose a lot of weight, which is dangerous for your health. You can take a look at a very good program, especially, if you are a women and want to lose weight the cinderella solution. if you are a man of course you can take a look at flat belly fix, which is universal.

How would a recipe to lose weight look like ?

recipe for weight loss

Sharon Griffin, renowned scientist in the field of physiology and nutrition, proposes to consider weakening as a set of two basic parts – reduce calories and doing exercises (why the second can not be read off in the material published recently).

Like any other prescription and this weakening could be prepared quickly, quickly. In most cases, the ratios 1: 1 or 1: 2 (10 kg for 10 days, the 10 pounds in 20 days), and even 1: 3 were not particularly successful in the end. Why is that?

According to him excessive desire to lose weight, people drastically reduce their intake of calories, resulting in caloric intake is lowered even under the minimum necessary for the body to function properly. This rapid imbalance is “balanced” by slowing down the metabolism and storage of even little food in stock (read fat).

Losing weight through the view of

decrease weight

I’ll share how I imagine the picture about weight loss, as previously I would like to clarify that my competence as long as the level of regular exercise, not a nutrition consultant or more of a nutritionist.

Our body shows enviable wits when subjected to stress, such as the rapid weight loss. When it sensed that it’s energy resource was inadequate, and probably would decrease even in the next few days, it is trying to save as much energy as possible in order to function longer.

But what happens to it – releasing fat, the body sees an energy source in our muscles, and, without hesitation, “eats” it in its quest to survive, so the total weight decreases, but at the expense of our valuable muscles, not fat loss. As I mentioned above, metabolism is also delayed, which is quite negative for our weight of circumstances.

Let us assume that we are looking at an example of a person who has made the mistake described above. Having struck down the desired kilograms for the few days he has predicted, it is normal for the interest and the pursuit of weight loss to be lost or rather forgotten.

Restoring “normal” calorie intake is an indication for the body that there is enough food again, and the weight loss needs to be recovered. Think of what follows, thousands of women and men complain about the end result of the scales

But this doesn’t sound like a recipe for weight loss, right?

hurry up

Do not be in a hurry, the recipe is on right now. I am gonna repeat its basic parts:

1. Reducing the calories intake


Try to take 200-250 calories per day less than the daily amount so far. How to get it? Make a quick account of what you eat during the day and think if you can not get the sauce out of here or the grated cheese from there. Mineral water instead of fruit juice would also save a lot of calories.

2. Do exercises


A clever way to tell your body NOT to take energy from the muscles. While exercising, the body knows that they are needed for the movements and overall physical activity you are doing. In this way, your body’s “hunger” will be saturated with unwanted body fat, not least by the fact that exercise speeds up your metabolism.

3. Be aware with your health condition


Very often overweight can cause a lot of health problems (high blood pressure, insulin resistance, etc.).

It is good to be aware of your health condition before starting the changes.

Consult a specialist. If the problem is found early and take appropriate measures to remedy the situation, this may further help in the fight with losing weight

4. Start the process with the right mindset

Many people accept their diet as something that has a beginning and an end. I would say that this is doomed to failure

The idea is to be healthy and in order to happen, you need to make changes in your lifestyle and keep them constantly.

It has a beginning but no end – so don’t let it make you bored, but rather – to make you enjoy every moment.

5. Plan your goals in long term

In order to have motivation is good to put a specific purpose – how many kilos you want to lose and for how long time.

It is important that this target should be realistic and perceive it as a guide by which to orient.

What I mean by this is that, don’t get disappointed, if you don’t move with the plan 1:1.

  • It is believed that it is healthy, if you lose 1 kg per week (4 kg a month), but if you have too much for losing at the beginning this will happen at a faster at the beginning.
  • Separate the big goal to a smaller ones

It is much better, if you are with the mindset, “In the next two months I want to lose 8 kg” rather than “For a year I need to lose 50 kg.”

  • Once you reach your goal, don’t return back to bad habits. Hold achievements and stay healthy and enjoy life.

6. Be Patient


It took you years to get to the position where you are. You do not expect that you can get rid of that weight for two months, right?

Do not be greedy for quick results, because in the context of the topic, they are not healthy and consistent.

7. Receive support


It is important that you are not alone in this case. The support is of great importance especially from an emotional point of view.

Find people with similar goals.

Share your goals.

How does this cooked recipe look like?

If you burn 250 calories, for example, while reducing with just enough dietary intake, you will have a negative calorie intake of 3500 calories in one week. In simple terms, you will now be half a kilogram back, or between two and four in a month. It’s not as bad as we’d like, but it’s the only optimal way to lose weight without destroying our body. Try it!

You can also take a look at this 6 high protein recipes, which may can help you too for losing weight.

Keep in mind that losing weight as everything else in life takes time and it only depends on you how much time it will take you to see results, but if you work hard, you will see results, so don’t give up!

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