Program How To Lose Weight

If you are looking for a program how to lose weight or health tips about losing weight here you will find what you are searching for.


program how to lose weight

Here comes the more complicated part (more important). With details and detailed explanations will not bother you.

Some basic things

basic things

Your calories come from protein, carbohydrates, fat (called macronutrients) and alcohol.

These are their values:

  • protein / protein – 4 kcal / g;
  • carbohydrates – 4 kcal / g;
  • Fat – 9 kcal / g;
  • pure alcohol – 7 kcal / g.

This is just to orient yourself about what how much energy brings. Neither of these no “rounding off” effect in itself. Any diet should be viewed holistically rather than being bogged down in specific detail. Carbohydrates are not the enemy, nor fat. If you are in a calorie deficit, the weight will fall.

More in-dept

Still, you do something to emphasize? Yes, the protein. It is the macronutrient stodgy and dull appetite. Moreover prevents loss of muscle tissue (just as physical exercise). For men, it sounds as if more important for women but not of less importance. You may think of friends who are weak and appear worse than before.

more in depth

When you lose muscle mass, things start to look sagging. Under the skin there is no muscle, which adds a nice shape. No density, and just remainder fatty tissues stand there and shake with each movement. Muscles are important for appearance. And health indeed. Moreover, the emphasis on high protein foods indirectly leads to a healthy eating plan as a whole.

Alcohol, no exceptions should be excluded from the menu. Even small amounts are very calorie and can throw the whole deficit for the day through the window, and even cause surplus. As a calorific value of 100 ml of 40% alcohol (vodka, brandy, rum, whiskey) 230 calories. It’s as two medium-sized chicken steaks.

Besides the problem of calories, alcohol interferes with the proper assessment and also increases appetite. Calorie density increased appetite + + miscalculation is very bad combination. All this has been repeatedly confirmed by scientific data, but are we not experienced it and your back?

How to reduce calorie intake without measuring the food

calories reduce

We have already said, but let me repeat it – stop alcohol!

Decrease intake oil / olive oil. And no, replacement of oil with olive oil will not help. No matter how helpful. Two tablespoons of oil are roughly 115 calories.

Olive oil will be even more (not because it is more caloric, but these are details). You know what else is so? Salad of two tomatoes and half a kilo of cucumbers. Yes, one weighs 12-13 g, and the other is almost kilogram! What do you think you’ll eat more in your desired program how to lose weight?

  • When cooking, use non-stick surfaces and do not put oil. If you still have it put a bit.
  • Measure it with spoons, because others will mislead you. We all know about grandmothers who put “just a pinch of salt”, and indeed through their fingers pour half a saltshaker.
  • Measure liquid fat through tablespoons to know that every time you put the same amount. And it is very easy to razleem twice more than we wanted.
  • Make a big salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, lettuce, radishes, etc., as you taste. But do not put any oil or oil or dressing. Especially if you eat more than once a day.
  • Replace regular drinks with light / zero version. Carbonated beverages having dietetic options. Sweetened with sugar too. Remove juices (and beer). Replace them with water, tea, diet sodas or whatever else you desire. Sweeteners, in the amounts which are in the drinks are completely harmless. Your fears they are neither justified nor acceptable excuse.

Replace regular foods with light versions in your program . Instead of milk by 3.5%, pick up from 1%. Shop the huge supermarket where the stand for cheese has at least five marks on each. It takes a few seconds to view the labels and just grab the calorie version. Compare the values ​​of 100 g, not “portion”!

Is there any other trick?

There are, but use it in combination with the above things.

This trick is to exclude or suppress food group. Otherwise, advice like “stop all the bread and pasta.” Not that bread particular fatter, but when we stop everything with flour variety of foods reduces repeatedly.

Having to choose less food a person eats less. Sitting down to lunch and offer pasta or bread. Well they both have been tested – then you will have to go without them. Will remain just steak and salad. Well? Well just you have saved 250-400 calories that otherwise would be consumed imperceptibly.

This is an easy and effective method for people who do not have much knowledge about nutrition. Stop pasta and sweet and even unintentionally you will reduce your daily diet with a good amount of calories.

Just do not stop fruit. They contain fiber, minerals and vitamins. They are useful for you and your diet. I’m not saying to cram them, but do not stop. Not the food groups for which this approach is a good idea.

A mistake is allowed

Try to avoid spoiling the diet. Try as much as possible longer and strictly stick to your plan. But sometimes something happens – you may have to visit friends, dine out with colleagues, celebrate something … Then the regime violated.


Be calm. One meal does not spoil 10 consecutive days strict diet. Testing of guilt after the disruption is not only unnecessary, but also has a negative effect on behavior.

To eat two chocolate biscuits not a problem. But to eat and decide that “today as diet and because all screwed up, what you do not doizyam box?”, This is already stupid.

Many people justify their mass overeating in this way and even guilt. The small breach is just such a – a little. Limit it to one, and not give in to emotions.

When the body is fasting, the brain will make sure you feel uncomfortable. Either physically or mentally. Reflect sober and not give in to temptations.

I can’t without sweet

sweet food

No such thing. The body has no physiological need it. Carbohydrates are not essential macronutrient, or put more simply – no need for existence. Losing weight is hard and uncomfortable, but one must not lose sight of your goal.

Despite this I mean that there is a certain macronutrient (protein / carbohydrate / fat), which in itself can cause the accumulation of fat. There is something in itself, outside the context of an overall diet, have a “greasy” effect. No, and gluten is not the problem.

If you you want to eat sweet – eat, remove something else planned for eating during the day. If you’re up for lunch to eat rice, the lower portion, even your pleasure. Only let’s not become a habit.

In this article we looked at some basic principles and get information what dietary changes you need to take care of about the program of losing weight.

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