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Leptin Hormone

leptin hormone resistance

You know that there are many hormones in your body, each of which has a role to play, but they all signal to the brain what is happening in the body! The brain then responds to these signals and if all is well, you are probably healthy. But if the brain does not like the “messages” that hormones send to it and think your body is in danger, then survival mechanisms are activated!

Today I will focus on the hormones that signal hunger (ghrelin) and satiety (leptin) and especially leptin!

Today I will introduce you to leptin resistance; what happens in your body when you have leptin resistance and what does it matter to you!

Let’s first see what happens in a healthy organism


First, you need to keep in mind that your fat stores produce inflammatory chemicals and hormones. One of these hormones is called leptin. This means that the fat in your body produces leptin. The hormone that signals that you are full and your body is not threatened by hunger!

As you already know, our bodies are only interested in survival! Your body doesn’t care how cute and sexy you look with your red dress! Your body doesn’t give a shit that summer is coming and many girls will see you naked on the beach! What he is interested in is how to survive in all circumstances!

The fat stores are in constant communication with the brain! They are constantly signaling to the hypothalamus, via leptin, what is happening.

Imagine fat (pictured). It contains the fat cells that produce leptin. Leptin sends signals to your brain, informing you that you have enough fat, so your brain does not worry that you are threatened with hunger and continues to keep your metabolism healthy and keep your appetite under control!

This is how fat, leptin and brain stores work in one healthy body!

Let’s now look at what happens to a person who is not eating enough!

When you are starving, your fat stores do not produce enough leptin, and in response, leptin sends weaker signals to the brain. This in turn activates defense mechanisms for survival. Your brain thinks you are threatened with starvation, slows down your metabolism to conserve more energy, and increases your appetite (ghrelin hormone levels rise) to make sure you eat enough food!

Therefore, if you go on too restrictive diets, there comes a time when even your strong will does not help and you start eating uncontrollably. No matter how much you try to stay away from the refrigerator, your brain has another plan! He wants to save your body!

If you’ve read the first two examples, you’re probably thinking, “Well, if I’m full, that means my fat stores produce enough leptin. Then why am I constantly hungry / hungry? ”

The answer is- you have leptin resistance!

Fat cells produce leptin. Leptin tried to send signals to your brain that you had enough fat, but somewhere along the way, the connection was broken! This way your brain can’t get the message! This means that in this case leptin does not have any effect on the brain! The brain, in turn, is “panicking” that your fat stores are not enough and that your body is at risk of starvation! What follows is that your metabolism slows down and your appetite is craving!

What happens is that you are overweight and have more fat than you need, but your brain thinks you are starving and you are eating more!

The difference between a starving man and a person with leptin resistance is that in the first case, when the starving person starts eating normally, his metabolism will speed up again because the fat and leptin stores will send the right signals to the brain!

And in the case of leptin resistance, this will not happen because the brain will not receive the signals!

The reasons for leptin resistance are many!

One of them is insulin and sharp blood sugar peaks! Insulin and leptin work hand in hand and when one of them is adversely affected and the other stalls!

Processed carbohydrates, stress, excessive fructose consumption, insufficient sleep are just some of the causes of leptin resistance! If you fix your leptin resistance, you will be able to lose weight a lot easier, because, once you know how your body works, the loss of the excess fats.

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