How To Lose Weight While Sleeping

loss weight while sleeping

All diets promise you to lose weight if you follow certain diet regimens and exercise regularly. Everyone wants you to show an iron will. Most do not produce the desired results, but only one offers you to get rid of excess weight while you sleep.

The new sensation in America promises to lose up to 3 pounds a week, while still eating pasta and potatoes and even allowing yourself a glass of wine in the evening. The One Night Diet was created by Dr. Carolyn Apwayne, who has helped thousands of people forget about their weight problems.

She told Daily Mail that patients had lost 3 pounds in the first week and continued to lose weight in the following weeks without experiencing hunger attacks. As part of the pounds, they melted precisely during sleep in the nights that followed the day when the patients drank only shakes. This is where the name of the regime comes from.

The secret of the diet is that it is specifically designed to protect the muscles from changing due to limited food intake. We all lose muscle mass with age – about a percent a year, and dieting can only make things worse. When the body does not receive the energy it needs from food, it takes it first from the muscles.

We really lose weight, but once we start eating again, the calories we take in will return as fat under the skin because they will not be able to return as muscle mass. And it, according to Dr. Apovein, plays an important role in the speed of metabolism, writes the newspaper Trud.

Therefore, most diets lose weight and lose muscle, which slows down the rate of calorie absorption. This is the main reason for the failure of most diets. This diet does the opposite. And unlike Pierre Ducan’s method, in addition to proteins, it also includes fruits that diversify the nutrients the body consumes. You just need to take a break from food one day a week and only drink liquids.

Fortunately, they are not only water or juices, they are nutritious enough not to feel hungry, and on the contrary, they help you to strengthen your muscles. If you do this, you will speed up your calorie burn. That’s why Dr. Apoin’s patients start to lose weight the night that follows that day.

For the remaining six days, you follow a diet that emphasizes protein – such as eggs, fish and meat. This will recharge your body and it will remain in the calorie burning mode that you set it with the shakes. The good news is that during this time you can still eat your favorite foods, but they should be in limited quantities. Once the cycle is over, you start it again with a shake day, which automatically means another night of weight loss.

The idea is to repeat the spin until you reach your ideal weight. There are many points between “One Night Diet” and “Two Day Weight Loss,” which Labor has already written about. But while you were starving for two days, now it’s avoided thanks to the shakes. Another great benefit of Dr. Apwayin’s work is that shakes reduce insulin output.

If other diets fail to see the result you want around your waist, then the culprit is insulin. However, with this plan you will be able to adjust its levels. In addition, you will get rid of all the fluids your body has stored, which will immediately affect the arrow on the scale.

However, to preserve the results of a magical night, you must focus on protein throughout the rest of the week. It is important because it supplies the muscles with amino acids and not fat to be stored.

The amount of protein you need per day is determined by your height. A woman with a height of 160 cm needs 350 g and a man with the same height of 400 g. Or a woman 180 cm tall, should not exceed the dose of 450 g. 1.90 or 2 m.

What to do in the beginning?

– It doesn’t matter which day of the week you choose to drink only shakes. The important thing is to be the same every week.

– Most people choose Sunday because it is their day off and they can take more time to prepare their shakes.

– It is important to prepare three different shakes a day. Not only will this not make you bored, but it will also supply your body with more diverse nutrients.

– Remember that people who drink water before eating eat less calories.

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