How To Lose Weight Fast

There is a constant question – what to do? Although in this case it will sound a little different – how to lose weight fast? You can, of course, hope for a fairy to regain a fat Cinderella’s ease and a wave of magic wand turns into a slender princess. And you can try to do it yourself.

weight loss fast

When there are only a few days for refreshment, the most effective method is just one – restricting yourself to food. Let’s take a look at some of the ways, that can help you to achieve it. There are a lot of solutions to lose weight.

Cinderella Diet

This diet consists of completely eliminating carbohydrates in your diet – a diet that helps the body to clear itself of the accumulated fat. The most important thing with this diet is that (after 4-5 days) you will not be hungry, constantly, 24 hours a day! You should not only eat three meals a day, but eat as much as you like and eat. Food should not be measured or prepared separately and specifically for you. You should not drink pills and teas for increased appetite. You do not have to do special exercises and go for acupuncture.

If you have the opportunity, start a diet on a full moon or a new moon day, and before that it is useful to make two landing days only with honey and lemon tea. If not, add one kind of fruit – best apples.
It is a good idea to walk a lot or do the most basic exercise, especially after the first 26 days.

Contrary to all expectations of people who deny meat, Some people got rid of headaches, fatigue, blood pressure problems and heart disease.
SUCCESS IS SURE, bu for sure we are trying to give you a piece of advice to help. Some people may know it from personal experience. When you start to act the new methods of feeding, stop thinking that you are overweight, fat and need to lose the weight. Just start act and don’t feel depressed, you will get results. Do it for your pleasure and enjoy life. Don’t forget that the ways to get rid of weight are so much.

Action To Weight Loss

action to losing weight

With the complete exclusion of carbohydrates, the body begins to melt fat. For the first six days, you lose 3-5 kg, and each day about 400 g to 1 kg. For 24 days, which is the mandatory duration of the diet, you can lose between 10 and 20 kg. Each person’s actions are different.
If you just eat a small slice of bread, a glass of milk, or any carbohydrate-containing meal for one day, you will stop the fat from melting. Like it or not, you have to start the diet again.

Foods allowed


All kinds of meat – beef, veal, chicken, pork, lamb, goose, duck, all kinds of small things, game. All cooking methods are allowed without brewing.
You can eat crackers (no bread), dried meat, sausages (no sauerkraut or soybean), all kinds of fish, canned fish, all kinds of salads, fresh or roasted peppers, tomatoes, cucumber, fresh or pickled cabbage, beets, seafood salad, chromium onion salad, radishes and spinach – whatever you think the market allows in the season.

Salads can be seasoned with salt, vinegar, oil and pepper, without sauces.
Chutney can be eaten without sugar.
Eggs are allowed to eat, cooked in any way and with all kinds of vegetables.
You can drink mineral water, coffee and all kinds of tea without sugar.
Half a liter of wine is allowed after the sixth day.
Prohibited Foods !!!
Bread, potatoes, flour, rice, beans, peas, breadcrumbs, breaded meats, soybeans, soy cubes, pasta, nuts, sausages. Have no fries in any meal. All kinds of dairy products – milk, butter, cream, cottage cheese, creams, margarine, sweets, sugar, chocolate and various corn sticks, ice cream, salads – are forbidden. forget about cheese, cheese – plain and special. No fruit!



You can do the diet twice in 26 days, then it is advisable to give yourself a break of 2 months, in which it is correct to eat separately.
Take Vitamins – C, E, Calcium, Magnesium, or Multivitamins.
When you reach the desired weight and stop dieting, it takes two years for indiscriminate eating to start regaining weight.
You can repeat the diet after time again.

You can take a look at a comperhensive review of a program cinderella solution , if you are a women and want to lose weight, it will help you to achieve it.

Remember that there are so much ways to achieve something in life no matter if it is to lose weight or another. We can’t go through all of the methods that exists, because it is not possible.

The most important part is to start taking action and stop overthink that much.

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