How To Lose Weight After 30

Are you a woman in her early thirties and look enviously at young girls flaunting in miniskirts and tight jeans? Not worth it, you yourself can afford it, because you are young.

Thirty years is the heyday of a woman! You took place as a professional, you have a family and children, career, plans, opportunities – it remains to attach a gorgeous figure and excellent health to this, then the young will envy you. Yes, of course, you need to work on the forms, but the result is worth it.

Lose Weight After 30

Why after thirty is this relevant?

After thirty, most women have a period of stability – work, family, children, good life, romantic holidays, a husband and stable relationships, maybe even a lover – but all this is in an established rut.

This is a kind of boundary in metabolism, which begins to slow down the metabolism, gradually reducing muscle mass in the body, and replacing it with fat and connective tissue. Increasingly, we look at a photo of youth, at our chiseled figure and sigh – we are overweight.

Everyone has this process differently, but the general principles still remain. Previously, it was enough for you to get enough sleep and go on a diet for several days – and you looked perfect. Now this is achieved with great efforts, and it is more difficult to save the results.

To maintain an attractive figure, you need to make an effort, and a diet after thirty should become your faithful friend. This does not mean that you need to exhaust yourself with hunger, you just need to know something about metabolism and start the changes at the first sign of a bulging belly or emerging cellulite.

About muscle and fat

gaining muscle and fat melting

After thirty years, our loads usually become not so active, which means that muscle training is weaker, the hormonal background can also weaken and reduce muscle tone.

As a result, there is a gradual decrease in muscle volume, and since muscle tissue spends the most calories – you need less to eat. On average, an ordinary woman aged thirty to forty years with an untrained body loses 1-2 percent of muscle mass per year. All these percentages with a constant diet will be replaced by fat.

That is, with a constant lifestyle, you need to cut your diet by about 100 Kcal annually, then your metabolism will maintain the amount of fat at a stable level. In this case, you can eat anything, the main thing is not to exceed the daily calorie content. You can count calories – then this method is for you.

In addition, elastic muscles maintain skin tone, therefore it is necessary to constantly keep the body in good shape – then the skin will be less flabby and wrinkled. After thirty, addictions to nicotine, light alcohol and sweets are very harmful. If at the age of twenty it was easily burned, at thirty it will settle on the hips. Get rid of the habit of eating what is left behind, even for reasons of economy.

What is not worth doing?

Often, women after thirty begin to lose weight on low-calorie diets, cutting calories to the lowest possible level necessary to maintain life. Of course, this will help to lose weight quickly, but to maintain weight and be slim for a long time in this way will not succeed.

Such diets lack logic for the body – they reduce the amount of muscle mass that, after thirty, already becomes scarce. Therefore, diet should be moderate to burn excess fat, and not all tissues in a row.

The second big mistake is the use of exhausting strength training in the gym with pumping up muscle mass, the use of protein nutrition – in order to return the lost muscles. From this, the volumes will not decrease, and the state of health can be shaken. Especially if you haven’t been especially noticed in gyms.

The third mistake is changing the appearance with the help of money and the skill of plastic surgeons without changing the lifestyle and nutrition. Liposuction, braces and plastic surgery are serious operations, with anesthesia and a long recovery period, which have very negative health consequences, including death.

The right approach

the right approach

In maintaining beauty and harmony, the principles used at any age are necessary – the desire to become slim, a clear plan of action and a competent trainer and nutritionist. If you want to lose weight just because your husband threatens to leave you, this is the wrong motivation and you will not be enough for a long time. You must lose weight for your own sake, for the sake of health and beauty, and the husband is only an additional incentive. Sometimes at the beginning of losing weight you need a good psychologist.

The correct weight loss will be a diet with some reduction in calories and a bias towards fruits and vegetables. The main thing in any diet, even the most popular and fashionable one, is your convenience and ability to combine it with everyday activities. If your diet constantly gives a breakdown – it does not suit you and you should review the menu, possibly with the help of a doctor.

You will not fit diets where it is forbidden to eat after six, refuse dinner or breakfast, your food should be regular, but low-calorie.

Five to six meals are recommended, three of which are basic and dense, and the rest are light. Let it be cereals and cereal side dishes, lean meat or fish, at least three meals from vegetables or fruits, vegetable oils.

Sport is the basis of weight loss

fitness and weight loss

We already realized that after thirty it is important to keep the body in good shape – however, you need to choose training sessions that will give you pleasure and unload emotionally, which you will not miss because of laziness or employment. Remember – physical activity will keep the muscles in good shape and will help you not to lose muscle mass and not gain weight, and skin tone will increase.

Numerous studies have shown that women in their thirties and forties who go in for sports or regularly visit the gym have ten percent more muscle mass and their metabolism is more intense than that of their peers sitting out in the office.

However, training to get rid of excess weight and maintain tone should be according to a special plan – this is an alternation of intense and calm exercises. Active movements last on average from one to three minutes, and the next five to ten minutes you need to do dumbbells, swimming or light jogging. With classes for half an hour in a day, your success in gaining a slender figure will become noticeable very soon. Dancing, aerobics and ice skating are also useful.

If you are only thirty years old, small figure flaws are not a reason to overshadow your life. With a little effort, you are again in excellent shape.

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